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Wisdom Teeth

Image of dental patient getting teeth ex ray results

Have an ache in the back of your mouth that you simply cannot bear anymore? Many reasons could account for this, but a very common reason is that your wisdom teeth are making their way into your mouth. The reason that you are experiencing discomfort is due to the growth of wisdom teeth as they are erupting through your gums.

Patient in dental clinic getting wisdom teeth extracted

Wisdom teeth come in different cases for everyone. Here at Florence Dentistry, we have a Panorex X-ray machine. This machine takes an X-ray of the entire mouth in one single image (captures your teeth, jaw, and surrounding tissues). Therefore with this X-ray, your wisdom teeth show up, and the dentist can precisely see how they are coming in.

In some cases, the wisdom teeth grow straight, which means that there may be some discomfort in the mouth for a bit, but eventually, once they pierce through the gums, they will grow straight. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. It is very common for them to come in crooked. If this is the case then they will most likely have to be extracted.

Extraction isn’t something to worry about. Florence Dentistry will refer you to one of many experienced specialists in Ottawa. They will provide you with a safe, quick, and efficient procedure. Once that heals, there will be no more of that pain in the back of your mouth!

Come make an appointment here at Florence Dentistry to see how your wisdom teeth are growing in, and talk to one of our dentists to see what procedure awaits you!

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