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Gingival Recession Treatment Ottawa

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Gingival Recession Treatment

Your NON-invasive cure to gingival recession: Dr Chao’s pinhole surgical technique

Gingival recession treatment Ottawa

What is gingival recession?
Gum recession’ is when the gums start to wear away and expose more of the tooth crown or root due to invasive brushing, periodontal disease, smoking and grinding or clenching. Recession can lead to excessive sensitivity and a greater susceptibility to root decay (cavities on the root surface).

Typically, in past years one of the only ways to treat gingival recession was ‘soft tissue grafting’. This treatment is very invasive and has a long recovery period. The treatment involves removing soft tissue from the palate of the mouth, and surgically transplanting the tissue to the site in which the recession is involved.

How is the ‘pinhole surgical technique’ different?

Dr Chao has developed a ground breaking technique to reversing the effects of gingival recession. It is non-invasive and does not include any gingival grafting what-so-ever. It takes little time (generally 1 hour) and is virtually painless.

Of course the tissue needs to be ‘frozen’ with the use of local anaesthesia, but this is simply to satisfy your own comfort. Next, a tiny entry point the size of a ballpoint pen tip I made adjacent to the tooth being treated. A minuscule tool developed by Dr Chao is inserted into the hole, and the gingival tissue is moved into the correct position. Collagen strips are then inserted beneath the gingival tissue, which keeps the tissue in place until the body has time to regenerate its own collagen.

The hole will heal completely and be undetectable within a day after treatment. The American Dental Society reveals that HALF of Americans between the age of 18 and 65 already have gingival recession – and treatment is usually set aside because the old technique seemed far to invasive and patients were put off by reading reviews. This new technique will set waves of improvement in action in the world of dentistry!

Where can I receive this treatment?
While you should have a thorough exam done by your dentist before embarking upon any dental related procedure, you can rest assured that your local dentist at Florence Dentistry is fully trained and capable of providing you with the proper care for your teeth and treating your gingiva with the ‘pinhole surgical technique’.


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