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Damon Braces Ottawa

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Damon Braces Ottawa Dentist

Florence Dentistry (The Ottawa Downtown Dentist) offers a wide variety of services and procedures from dental cleanings all the way to specialized orthodontic procedures such as Damon Braces. Florence Dentistry’s Dr. Edit Dragoi is one of the few dentists in Ottawa who does Damon Braces. What are Damon Braces? In a nutshell, Damon braces allow for orthodontic treatment to be done more efficiently.

Now lets take a further look at what exactly Damon Braces are. Like regular braces, the main focus is on teeth straightening and alignment. Damon braces straighten your teeth faster, which means that fewer appointments are needed as well as usually no extractions or expanders are involved in the process.

How does this work? These braces use a bracket that is self-ligating. This means that the bracket holds the wire in place, due to the fact that the bracket has a component that holds the wires in place. Unlike regular braces, there is no need for o-rings to secure the wires in place. The wires used in these braces continue to move for several weeks, which as mentioned earlier, allows for less frequent visits. Not only are the visits less frequent, but also they are usually faster due to the nature of the brackets.

Other advantages of the Damon Braces are their constant results. These braces constantly deliver satisfactory results, leaving the majority of Ottawa patients happy. Now the question is, are these braces the right choice for you? Come to Florence Density (The Ottawa Downtown Dentist), to set up an appointment with Dr. Edit Dragoi. Discuss whether these braces are a good choice for you, seek information on your insurance coverage, and get on the track to great results!

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