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6 Tips to Prevent Plaque Formation

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Prevent-plaqueEven with regular skilled oral checkups and taking care of your teeth by visiting Ottawa dentist’s reception, microorganism still present in your mouth. As proteins and food byproducts combine to make a thing on your teeth which are known as bacterial plaque. According to parent’s point of view, they have a tendency to concern their kid’s teeth and ensuring that they teach youngsters correct dental hygiene. However, it’s going to surprise you to understand that teenagers are at a high risk for caries and gum diseases. More than half of fifteen year-olds-experience periodontal diseases and up to eighty percent of seventeen-year-olds have the malady. If left untreated it will cause a lot of problems. The great news is that it’s preventable.

At Dental Service Ottawa, we recommend below important tips to prevent Plaque formation:

  1. Brushing Regularly:

It is counseled by the ADA that you simply brush your teeth twice daily, for 2 minutes on every occasion. Failure to do this might end up in an exceeding buildup of plaque and tartar. Tartar is basically a hardened type of plaque that forms if the plaque is still left in the mouth. Tartar is a tougher substance to get rid of and therefore patients need a dental improvement.

Below are some basic tooth brushing tips:

  • Hold your brush at a 45-degree angle against your gum line and brush in circular motion.
  • Make sure to brush all surfaces of the teeth, together with the outside, within and chew surfaces.
  • Remember to brush the tongue to get rid of the decay-causing bacterium, and keep breath fresh.
  • Avoid brushing too laborious that causes receding gums and tooth sensitivity.
  • Make sure to brush at least 2-3 minutes a day.


  1. Get Regular Dental Checkups:

Even with careful brushing and flossing, you will miss a number of the plaque. Over the time plaque can build up and eventually develop into tartar. It’s necessary to visit Ottawa Dentist as suggested so the tartar and plaque are often removed. Be sure to stay in touch with your dental professional for outer visits. Those people that avoid the tooth doctor generally neglect the health of their teeth as the risk of obtaining cavities and losing their teeth becomes higher.

  1. Floss on Regular Basis:

Brushing alone isn’t enough. Your toothbrush could not reach to the food deposits that stuck in between your teeth that are why daily flossing is suggested. With flossing, you’ll be ready to clean those hidden parts in between your teeth. If you don’t need to floss you’ll instead use a water-pick but follow the directions properly.


  1. Increase Your Water Intake:

Drinking additional water not solely helps to rinse your mouth; however, it’ll conjointly increase the quantity of spittle you’ve got in your mouth. Spittle could be a key element in preventing caries, protective enamel, and preventing unhealthy breath. So, if you wish that your mouth stays fresh, keep sipping water.

  1. Choosing Toothpaste Wisely:

What toothpaste should you use? Brushing with the correct toothpaste will build all the distinction in preventing plaque. If you’re horrified regarding plaque it’s a decent plan to decide toothpaste that’s specifically factory-made to fight against plaque. Also, make sure that the toothpaste contains salt that is intended to stick to the surface and avoid the formation of crystals and helps in an exceedingly sensible plaque fighting gargle.

  1. Rinse After Eating or Drinking Acidic Foods:

After your morning occasional, take a moment to rinse your mouth. Acidic beverages and foods will erode enamel, that the easy act of rinse can assist you to avoid tooth sensitivity. Even if you follow these interference methods, tooth sensitivities could occur. To treat your sensitive teeth, think about using toothpaste recommended by your dental expert, and make sure to speak with them as they help you to discuss the best dental treatment at your next appointment.

Remembering and following the above tips won’t solely guarantee your smile is engaging and healthy wanting, but staying in contact with Ottawa Dental Service additionally will assist you to forecast diseases to improper oral care, and prevent a lot of cash in dental bills in future before they get too serious.