Worst things for your teeth….Fruit Juice and Soda!

Worst things for your teeth… Fruit Juice and Soda!


Soda and Teeth-Florence Dentsitry

Do you ever wonder what the worst things for your teeth are? Well the answer is simple… fruit juice and soda! Anything that has a pH value of less than 5.5 can very easily damage your teeth. Fruit juices and sodas fall into this category and can very easily harm your teeth.

Are you wondering how these liquids destroy your teeth? Dental erosion occurs when these drinks are consumed. Dental erosion is when the enamel (protective layer of your tooth) is ruined due to exposure to acid that is found in these drinks. When dental erosion occurs your teeth can easily become sensitive to hot and cold food- because the tooth is now exposed without its protective layer.

The enamel on your tooth continues to get softer and softer as more and more acid is consumed. This causes for mineral content to be lost.  Often saliva cancels out the acidity- but if too many acidic items are consumed then there is not enough time for the saliva to restore the natural balance and dental erosion occurs.

Another interesting fact is that men are usually found to be twice at risk for dental erosion than women, as well as tooth wear becomes more severe as you age. Therefore it is very important to take care of your teeth and keep away from these liquids that fall under the category of “worst things for your teeth”.

Next time instead of grabbing one of the worst things for your teeth (soda or fruit juice), try to switch it up with something better for your teeth, such as milk or water.

If you have any questions on the topic of “worst things for your teeth”, or would like to check how your teeth are doing please feel free to contact Florence Dentistry. We will gladly answer any inquiries you may have.

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