When should your child start going to the dentist?

When should your child start going to the dentist?

It is ideal that a child visits the dentist after their first birthday. Although this is recommended and ideal, waiting until the child reaches the age of 2-3 is generally alright as well. Often children at a young age may be scared of going to the dentist but it is crucial that they start going to the dentist at a young age in order to maintain optimal health.

If you put of the time that your child starts going to the dentist then this can increase the child’s risk of having plaque build-up or cavities when they come for their first visit.  Many parents believe that their child doesn’t need to start going to the dentist until a later time, because baby teeth will eventually fall out so there isn’t any point for taking care of them. This of course is false!  Although this isn’t always visible, children’s permanent teeth are growing underneath their primary ones, and therefore it is important that the dentist checks their teeth in order to insure that their mouth is developing well.  It is also good for a child to start going to the dentist at an early age in order to get into a good routine of oral hygiene.

Young children are often quite tricky to deal with – therefore we recommend that when your child first starts going to the dentist they see a paediatric dentist. This will insure the child is taken care of properly (given more time for visit, given laughing gas if necessary, etc.…).

If you have any more questions on when your child should start seeing the dentist please feel free to contact Florence Dentistry– and we will gladly answer any questions.

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